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It has been our great pleasure to assist  numerous families from around the world obtain legal status through family-based petitions and adjustment of status to legal permanent residency.


We work with a variety of businesses varying from non-profit organizations  to large businesses. Although our clients have included  large corporations, our niche is helping small and medium sized clients discover ways to utilize foreign labor and comply with employment verification laws.



After you contact us we will be able to determine if we can help you and if a consultation is appropriate.  If you decide to hire us we will provide you with a fee agreement, setting out what you are hiring us to do and the cost to you for our services.  Many of our services are on a flat fee basis, meaning we charge a set fee and you will pay no more than that fee no matter how long it takes us to complete what we agreed to do for you. Due to the nature of some legal issues, it may be necessary to bill  on an hourly basis. 



We listened.  Many of our clients need evening meetings due to work schedules.  We offer evening hours by appointment only. Call 970-255-8861.

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