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We are an immigration and nationality law firm located in Grand Junction, Colorado.  For the past several years principal and founder, Imelda Mulholland, has been serving businesses, families and individuals in the beautiful Grand Valley area of Colorado, Utah, across the United States and abroad.  


We take an education and advocacy approach to your immigration issues to help you make the best decisions for you and your family or your company.  Our clients include:


  • individuals with previously filed applications;

  • legal permanent residents and US citizens wanting to petition for a family member;

  • employers from the high-tech, agricultural, construction, restaurant, and hotel industries, academic institutions and school districts;

  • students; and

  • victims of violence.


We offer a wide range of immigration-related services for employers, individuals, and families.  As each client is unique and their issues fact- specific, our attorneys provide individual attention to each client, troubleshooting

foreseeable problems and providing each client with the information needed to make an informed decision about his or her case and future plans. 


"Imelda was quick to grasp the essence of our needs re our legal challenge. She responded with a letter of understanding in a very timely manner. It was obvious that she had correctly grasped the issue and responded with a recommendation without delay. We will most assuredly contact Imelda for any future needs for Legal advice. She achieved very positive results for our needs." -- Howard & Diane


Our new office is located at 300 Main Street, Suite 102 (at the bottom of the stairs), in Downtown Grand Junction. 

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